Retaining walls

Natural stone retaining walls will add a touch of class to any home.  When functional retaining is needed the segmented wallstone is hard to beat.  Many styles of concrete retaining walls are available today.  Some resemble natural stone so much that at a distance it would be hard to distinguish between the two.  

We have been installing retaining walls for 20 years and our experience will give you a product that will survive our freeze/thaw conditions and add value to your home's aesthetics and functionality.  Following mfg's guidelines, installing proper drainage, and making sure the wall will be set on a good foundation is an essential part of every retaining wall we install.  The products to build retaining walls are the same for every contractor.  The price to install them can vary radically.  Be wary of cheap retaining walls.....they generally tip over.
large versa-lok wall with staircase
versa-lok wall with stone pillar lamp
versa-lok retaining wall
natural stone